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Our Service Offering

Braeven Solutions is a sales company that partners with Information Technology & Corporate Performance Management companies who recognise that their core competency is not sales, marketing, and business development – it is providing business solutions. Most tech companies operate in the “Value Create” space which by definition is a complex technology sale. It is extremely difficult to recruit, train and then retain sales people with the necessary complex sales experience to effectively take your solutions to market. We, at Braeven, have the necessary skill required to take your solutions to market… this together with a flexible engagement model makes the offering exciting, affordable, effective and a low risk option.

Due to our extensive knowledge and experience within sales and marketing we understand what does and doesn’t work when growing your organisation.  As such, our service offerings are tailored to your requirements. Should you be a start-up to small enterprise we will focus on creating and establishing your brand ensuring your digital presence and marketing collateral communicates your service offerings accurately to ensure that our sales people are properly equipped when engaging with clients. In the event that you are a mid to large organisation, we assist and improve on your current sales team enabling them to be more effective when meeting clients and shortening the overall sales cycle. As such, our services include:

Outsource Business Development

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Sales Enablement Training

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Digital Marketing

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Sales Training

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Outsource Business Development

We become the business development operations for the company, or supplementing the business’ current capability in specific areas, through to more passive joint marketing approaches. Each engagement is tailored to the specific requirements of individual organisations that require our services. At Braeven Solutions we operate a number of different models for the organisations to which we supply our services, ranging from an active hands-on approach where, in essence, we become the sales department to a more passive approach that specializes on the digital landscape and lead generation. We suggest combining both…

Sales Enablement Training

Streamlining sales reporting and pipeline
Upskill sales people and customer facing resources
Develop channel partners “unique salesman’s toolbox”
Personalized sales mentorship for key sales personnel
Facilitate and drive product education sessions

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing arm was created as a result of our extensive experience in the sales arena and the realization that more often than not the marketing and sales department are not working together. As such, we ensure your online presence is geared towards your target market. We work together with you to understand your brand, products and services to customize a long term marketing strategy that will guarantee results no matter if you are a working in a B2C or B2B environment. Our unique view point of the marketing environment has allowed us to offer the following services:

UI/UX Responsive website design

– E-commerce platform creation and design

– E-mail campaign design and optimization

Google adwords

Search Engine Optimization

– Billboard advertising

Graphical Design (Logo, email signature, etc)

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Multi-channel campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, etc)

Content Creation (Infographics, blogs, videos, animations, etc)

Social Management

Sales Training

– The sales process

– Unique selling points

– Prospecting

– Face to face with the customer/prospect

– Structuring the customer engagement

– Controlling the next steps

– Cold Calling/E-mailing

– Relationship and account management

– The follow up

– Developing your Salesman’s toolbox

– Pipeline management

– Presentation skills